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Your countertops are the focal point of the kitchen.  The design and style of the countertops set the mood for family gatherings and dining experiences taking place in your home.  W.L. Garrison will enhance the style and increase the functionality with expert design, remodeling, and installation  services using only the very best quality materials at an affordable price. W.L. Garrison understands that what happens in your home, not our shop, is what matters most.  That’s why outs are the most-qualified and best- paid installation specialists in the area.  Once one of our designers helps you choose the new countertop that’s best for your needs: We measure We remove and dispose of your old countertops We help you arrange reconnecting you plumbing, gas, and electric We fabricate and install more than just countertops.  We also provide fabrication of bath vanities, fireplace surrounds, whirlpool tub decks, work surfaces, window sills and shower components. Most importantly, with the high level of automation and capacity in our shop, our lead times are the shortest in the market, so you can have your family’s kitchen back up and running as soon as possible. W.L. Garrison is committed to making your shopping, buying, and installation experience as simple and convenient as possible.  We will also make certain you are completely satisfied with the quality and performance of your new countertops. If you need additional information or have questions before, during, or after we do our work, we have dedicated, knowledgeable customer service representatives ready to answer concerns, address issues, and resolve problems.
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Designing and Styles for Custom Countertops Choosing the right style and design for your custom countertops is important.  We will help you find the right material, for the right price, to ensure you get what you are looking for.  We offer a wide variety of quality materials in varying colors and styles.  Whether you want our most popular looks and current design trends, or to create a totally original look – W.L. Garrison can help!  Here are just some of the quality countertop products we offer: Quartz Countertops Quartz countertops are more durable and stronger than granite.  Quartz surfaces are easy to maintain and food safe. They can be produced in a variety of natural styles as well as designed colors, and can be applied to any countertop design.  With their elegant beauty and long lasting strength, you will love your new quartz countertop. Granite Countertops Using Granite for your countertops will add an element of elegance to any kitchen or bath.  Granite is a durable material that will maintain a brilliant finish and easily endure high traffic countertop usage. Solid Surface Countertops If you are looking for a countertop that is low maintenance and is designed for long-lasting use, a Corian countertop may be the best fit for you.  There are many colors and styles to choose from to suit your needs.  Corian is non- porous and therefore maintenance free, food safe, and stain-resistant.
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