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Shower Doors & Enclosures

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Frameless Glass Shower Door W.L. Garrison specializes in creating custom frameless shower enclosures.  Our frameless shower doors are manufactured from the finest quality tempered safety glass with highly polished edges.  All hinges, glass clips and handles aer available in a variety of finishes including: brass, chrome, brushed nickel and gold plated. A Frameless Glass Shower Door is Almost Invisible: Perhaps the greatest selling point of these doors isn't their appearance, but their lack of one.  In the never ending battle to make bathrooms feel larger and more open, a shower door that is hardly noticeable makes a huge difference.  Instead of a door that walls off a significant portion of your bathroom, a frameless shower door helps to incorporate your shower into the greater bathroom. Decorative Tile and Your Frameless Glass Shower Door: Not only does the addition of the frameless glass in your bathroom help it feel more open and spacious, frameless showers also put your shower and bathroom tile design on display.  That may sound a bit trivial, but when you consider the beauty of today's stone, ceramic, glass and pebble tiles, you can see why putting your tile on display can be a huge selling point with these innovative shower door designs. We Have the Tools to Provide You with a Quality Shower Door: Be honest with yourself and don't tackle this project on your own.  Your shower door is a primary barrier preventing shower and tub moisture from reaching the rest of your bathroom. A poorly installed door can lead to shower leakage and, in turn, cause a slew of moisture related problems sch as water damage, rot, and the development of mold and mildew.  With these kinds of risks at stake, its wise to contact us at W.L. Garrison Tile.  With years of experience, we have the necessary tools to provide you with a quality, problem free shower door.
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Whether you are looking for a sliding shower door, pivot, hinged, or heavy glass system, we have the product to match any specification.  Available finishes include brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze (ORB), chrome, satin, polished and more. Standard and custom shower door and shower stall enclosure designs are available and customers can choose from many glass patterns including privacy, (obscure), reed, rain, and flutex to create a custom shower solution.  Our shower doors offer excellent value with the very highest quality for today's bath designer and homeowner.
About Us: Our company provides shower glass design and installation services for homeowners throughout the Tidewater and Middle Peninsula Areas.  Focused solely on the replacement of new installation of shower doors and enclosures, we are unlike most any other glass company.  Our knowledge and ability in the shower glass business is what we believe sets us apart. Through our no-obligation consultations at your home or over the phone, we can provide several design ideas and product options, including the shower enclosure design type, glass, and hardware.  Through our partnership with the leaders in the shower glass and hardware products, we are able to provide our customers the very best in competitively priced shower enclosure products. We're available to serve you at any time, whether it's related to the planning of your upcoming remodel or with any post-sale glass care questions.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you'd like more details about available product options.
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